SSN Primate Working Group

The SSN Primate Working Group brings together organizations and individuals to monitor the primate trade, publicize cases of illegal trade, and support efforts to repatriate confiscated live animals to the nearest suitable sanctuary to the point of origin. It works closely with other coalitions such as the Ape Alliance and the Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance to end the trade in our zoological next of kin. Non-human primates are threatened by hunting for bushmeat and/or the live animal trade, in addition to loss and degradation of habitat. All species in the Order Primates (except Homo sapiens) are listed on Appendix I or II of CITES.

Chair: Mr. Ian Redmond

Born Free Foundation
PO Box 308
Bristol BS99 7LQ UK

Tel: +44-117-924-6489

Fax: +44-117-975-4568


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    2005 - SSN Fact Sheet: Conservation of and Trade in Great Apes (SC53 Doc. 18)Download PDF