SSN Bird Working Group

The SSN Bird Trade Working Group addresses the international trade in birds, including parrots. Examples of the work of the group include: assisting Parties in the preparation of listing proposals for consideration at meetings of the CITES Conference of the Parties, providing support through research and advocacy for improved implementation of CITES bird species, addressing national laws with the goal of ensuring that international use does not threaten wild bird populations and, providing information to Parties and others needed to enhance trade enforcement efforts for protected bird species.

Co-Chair: Ms. Ann Michels

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Washington, DC 20037 USA

Tel: +1-301-548-7769

Fax: +1-202-318-0891


Co-Chair: Mr. Juan Carlos Cantú

Defenders of Wildlife
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C.P. 11700 México D.F. México

Tel: +525-251-60-96

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