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First name Last Name Will Travers

For Immediate Release:

25 Jun 2005


The Species Survival Network launches a new website to educate the public and decision-makers on the international trade in wildlife.

Washington, DC–The Species Survival Network (SSN), an international coalition of nearly eighty wildlife conservation and animal protection organizations, today announced the launch of a new website ( to educate the general public and global decision-makers about the threats facing threatened wildlife worldwide. The site will be available for reading in English, French, and Spanish.

SSN and its member organizations work tirelessly to ensure the strict implementation and enforcement of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

“The 167 Parties to CITES and the individuals who represent these governments need an accessible resource that they can turn to for quality information regarding wildlife species in trade and the threats they face,” noted Will Travers, CEO of the UK-based Born Free Foundation and President of the Species Survival Network. “Over the past decade, the SSN has emerged as a recognized leader in providing scientifically robust and legally insightful information to the CITES Parties. The new website will enhance our ability to make this vital information available to everyone.”

The SSN web site contains documents related to the CITES Conference of the Parties, held every three years; the Animals and Plants Committees, which explore biological and trade data for species; the Standing Committee, which provides direction on the operation of the Convention. The site will also make available latest developments on wildlife issues together with press releases, news stories and links to other helpful resources.

Adam M. Roberts, SSN Press Officer, added, “The key to SSN’s success is a concerted effort by all of its members to look at the impacts of trade on threatened and endangered species and advocate appropriate protection based on the risks faced. Without SSN as the precautionary global voice, countless species would continue on their downward spiral toward extinction.”