13-25 March 2010

Doha - Qatar

Decisions at CITES CoP15 involved such high profile species as the African elephant, sharks, and polar bear.

Increased trade controls were approved for spiny-tailed iguanas, Kaiser’s spotted newt, and Agalychnis tree frogs, Argentine lignum vitae, Brazilian rosewood, and several plant species from Madagascar. In response to concerns regarding poaching and illegal trade, the Parties rejected proposals to downlist African elephant populations of Tanzania and Zambia.

Proposals to regulate international trade in hammerhead sharks, oceanic whitetip shark, porbeagle, spiny dogfish, and red and pink corals were rejected. Proposals to list polar bear, ornate dabb lizard, and bluefin tuna in Appendix I also were rejected.

While a proposal to downlist the bobcat was rejected, proposals to downlist populations of Morelet’s and Nile crocodiles were accepted as were proposals to delist cliff spurge, marsh rose, and swartland sugarbush.