3-15 June 2007

The Hague - The Netherlands

Decisions at CITES COP14 involved such high profile species as the African elephant, two species of sharks, whales and a number of tree species.

Increased trade controls were approved for slow loris species, Cuvier’sgazelle, slender-horned gazelle, Guatemalan beaded lizard, sawfishes, the European eel, and brazilwood, Proposals to regulate international trade in porbeagle, spiny dogfish, red and pink corals, Spanish cedar, Honduran rosewood, and black rosewood were rejected.

The Parties accepted, by consensus, a plan to allow sale of current ivory stockpiles from Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, while instituting a moratorium on consideration of further ivory trade proposals from these countries for a period not less than nine years following the sale.