SSN Members Organizations
A list of all SSN Member Organizations including links to their websites.

Official CITES Website
· Homepage
· CITES Appendices
· CITES Species Database
· CITES Trade Database
· Directory of National CITES Authorities
· CITES Publications
· CITES Guidelines for Transport of Live Animals and Plants
· CITES Species Identification Manual
· CITES Identification Guides (free download; produced by Canada)
· CITES reporting requirements
· CITES export quotas
· CITES calendar and deadlines

Enforcement and Customs Links
· Interpol Wildlife Crime Working Group
· World Customs Organization
· The Green Customs Initiative
· International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement
· Lusaka Agreement on Cooperative Enforcement Operations Directed at Illegal Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora

National CITES Websites
·Czech Republic
·United States of America
·United Kingdom

Other Organizations/Events
·International Expert Workshop on CITES Non-Detriment Findings
·European Community and Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora
·Wildlife Trade in the European Union
·The World Conservation Union Red List of Threatened Species
·International Air Transport Association
·Food and Agriculture organization of the United Nations (FAO)
·International Tropical Timber Organization
·World Organization for Animal Health
·World Wildlife Fund
·TRAFFIC (wildlife trade monitoring network)

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