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The Species Survival Network develops technical documents on international policies regarding wildlife trade. Our newsletter, the CITES Digest, provides summaries of CITES meetings and articles on current wildlife trade issues. The SSN publishes a special issue of the CITES Digest for meetings of the CITES Conference of the Parties that provides a description of proposed proposals and working documents for the meeting, along with background information and SSN’s position on the issues.

In addition, the SSN Africa Regional Bureau produces a monthly newsletter, CITES Afrique, that includes the latest CITES news for the region, articles on current wildlife trade issues, and species profiles. The newsletter also features SSN Member projects in the region. If you would like to subscribe to CITES Afrique, please send your request to Ms. Alice Stroud at

SSN Press Releases

SSN’s CITES COP Documents
CITES COP15 in 2010
CITES COP14 in 2007
CITES COP13 in 2004
CITES COP12 in 2002

SSN’s CITES Committee Meeting Documents
CITES Standing Committee
CITES Animals Committee
CITES Plants Committee

SSN Africa Regional Bureau’s CITES Afrique
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