Message from Will Travers, President of the Species Survival Network

Dear Colleagues,

Since its formation in 1992, the Species Survival Network (SSN) has increasingly become the recognised precautionary voice within the CITES arena, speaking on behalf of all animals and plants that are or may become threatened by international trade.

Nearly 80 organizations covering every CITES region make up the SSN. They provide a respected body of expertise that represents numerous wildlife trade related disciplines from conservation biology to legal analysis and public advocacy. The SSN provides the countries that are signatories to CITES with a precautionary perspective on international wildlife trade, founded on well-researched and high quality analysis. At every turn, we encourage the consistent and responsible decision-making that benefits a Treaty of this importance.

As a registered International Non Governmental Organization Observer, the SSN is represented at all major CITES fora including Standing Committee, Animals Committee, Plants Committee, and meetings of the Conference of the Parties.

On behalf of the membership of SSN and our millions of supporters around the world, welcome to the SSN website where you will find an important opportunity to learn more about CITES, international wildlife trade, and the vital work of the Species Survival Network.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you would like to take your interest further.

Good wishes,

Will Travers
Species Survival Network