Working Groups



The SSN Board bears primary responsibility for the growth, development and effective operation of the network. To meet that responsibility, the Board establishes SSN policies, deals with issues raised by SSN members, coordinates the development of common projects and strategies among Members, and takes the lead in raising funds to implement those projects and strategies. The SSN Board meets approximately twice per year, with the next meeting scheduled for November 2010.

Members of the SSN Board:

        · Will Travers, Chair
        · Dr. Teresa Telecky, Vice-Chair
        · Wim de Kok, Treasurer
        · Sue Fisher, Secretary
        · Debbie Banks, Member
        · Juan Carlos Cantú, Member
        · Geert Drieman, Member
        · Elodie Gerome-Delgado, Member
        · Cathy Liss, Member
        · Barry Kent MacKay, Member
        · Dr. Ronald Orenstein, Member
        · Linda Paul, Member
        · Victor Watkins, Member

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