3-15 November 2002
Santiago - Chile

Decisions at CITES COP12 involved such high profile species as the African elephant, the minke whale, Bryde's whale, Asian freshwater turtles, whale shark, basking shark and bigleaf mahogany.

Proposals were approved to initiate trade in products made from vicu˝a wool (Argentina, Bolivia and Chile) and to export elephant ivory stockpiles (Botswana, Namibia, South Africa).

Increased trade controls for other species were approved. These included, among others, the yellow-naped Amazon parrot (captured for pets), yellow-headed Amazon parrot, ten species of Asian freshwater turtles (collected for pets, food and medicinal purposes), seahorses, and bigleaf mahogany.

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- SSN Digest - Working Documents (Franšais / Espa˝ol)
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CoP12 Prop. 3 (Georgia) Black Sea Bottlenose Dolphin CONDITIONAL SUPPORT
CoP12 Props. 4 and 5 (Japan) Bryde's Whale and Minke Whale OPPOSE
CoP12 Prop. 6 (Botswana) African Elephant OPPOSE
CoP12 Prop. 30 (Cuba)
Hawksbill Sea Turtle OPPOSE
CoP12 Prop. 35 (India and
The Phillippines)
Whale Shark SUPPORT
CoP12 Prop. 36 (European C.) Basking Shark SUPPORT
CoP12 Prop. 39 (Australia) Patagonian and Antarctic Toothfish SUPPORT
CoP12 Prop. 50 (Nicaragua) Mahogany SUPPORT
CoP12 Prop. 55 - 60 (Madagascar) Reptiles, Frogs, Orchids and Palms SUPPORT
CITES Not. No.2002/39 Green Turtle OPPOSE
V Af. Elephant Range States Meeting African Elephant N/A
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